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Home Department comprises of the following Sections

  1.   1. Police Services - A

  2.   2. Police Services - B

  3.   3. Police Expenditure

  4.   4. Law & Order - A

  5.   5. Law & Order – B

  6.   6. Crimes A

  7.   7. Crimes B

  8.   8. Prisons & Cinema

  9.   9. Passport and Foreigners

  10.   10. Auxillary Services

  11.   11. PDA & Prosecution

  12.   12. Criminal Prosecution – I

  13.   13. Criminal Prosecution - II

  14.   14. Receipts & Issue

  15.   15. Coordination

  16.   16. IFA – A

  17.   17. IFA – B

  18.   18. Legal Cell

Administrative Control

The following Departments / Corporations come under the Administrative control of the Home Department:

1. Police Department :

The basic objective of the Police Department is to promote and preserve public order by protecting the lives and properties of the people from criminal and anti social elements and maintain law and order in the State.

The Police Department comprises of following wings

  • Intelligence

  • Crime and Technical Services

  • Corps of Detectives (COD), Special Units and Economic Offences

  • Karnataka State Reserve Police

  • Transport, Telecommunication and Modernization (TTM)

  • Police Recruitment & Training

  • Civil Rights Enforcement

  • Law & Order

  • Administration

  • Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation

2. Fire Service and Emergency Services Department :

This is service oriented department and it is basically concerned with providing Fire safety, Fire prevention, Fire Fighting Measures, Rescue and Salvage Operations during Accident, Calamities etc.

The department also provide Ambulance Services to shift victims of fire and other Accidents and also render advice on Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting and Evacuation Measures, Training Programmes are conducted regularly to create awareness on fire prevenetion and fire fighting.

3. Prison Department :

The Karnataka State has 97 Prisons of various types namely Central Prison, District Prison, District Head Quarters Sub Jails, Special Sub Jails, Taluk Sub Jails, Open Air Jails, Juvenile Jail etc. with an authorized capacity for 9271 prisoners out of which 8828 are male and 443 Female Prisoners.

Besides providing reformative measures, vocational training, education and library facilities etc. for the prisoners, the department has introduced a new system of production for under trial prisoner from the prison before the respective Courts through the medium of electronic video linkage called “Video Conferencing” between Central Prison Bangalore, Belgaum, Bellary, Bijapur, Mysore and respective Courts. This system has dispensed the need of physically producing the under trials in courts and speeds up the trials, prevents escapes, reduces expenditure and also reduces over crowoling of under trial in prisons.

4. Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Department :

This department looks after the Welfare and Resettlement of Defence Personnel, Ex-Servicemen and their dependents, War wounded next of kin of battle casualties and their dependents. At the State Level there is a Karnataka Rajya Sainik Board with Chief Minister as its President. The Board assists the Government in various Welfare and Resettlement Measures, besides Government has also constituted single window committees at the District Level under the Chairmanship of the concerned Deputy Commissioner and at the Departmental Level under the Chairmanship of the Direcdtor, Sainik Welfare for redressal of grievances of serving defence personnel and Ex-servicemen.

5. Home Guards & Civil Defence Department :

Home Guards is a voluntary organization constituted under the Karnataka Home Guards Act, 1962 and Karnataka Home Guards Rules, 1963. The Home Guards besides assisting the Police in the maintenance of law and order also play a vital role in protecting the lives and property of the people during calamities like floods, fire, earthquakes, collapse of building and other disasters.

Civil defence is another voluntary organization functioning along with Home Guards comprising of volunteers. The main objective of the organization is to protect life and property of the general public during external aggression and natural calamites. the volunteers are enrolled and trained in basic civil defence and in various services aimed at implementation of civil defence measures.

6. Prosecution Department :

A separate and independent department of prosecution has been established for the effective conduct of prosecution in heinous cases and to ensure that the materials collected during the course of investigation by the police are sufficient to make an accused stand trial in the court of the Magistrate or a Sessions Judge. In addition, it appoints special Public Prosecutors in criminal cases in various subordinate courts.

7. Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation:

The Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation was set up in 1985 to undertake construction of buildings for housing of employees of Government of Karnataka in Police, Prisons, Home Guards & Fire Force departments and also construction of office buildings, Police Stations, Jails, Fire Stations, Training institutes, District Scientific Laboratories, Forensic Labs and dormitories. They also act as consulting contractors, Engineers, designers and developers for infrastructure related projects.

8. Foreigners Section:

The foreigners section of Home Department deals with extension of visas to the foreigners residing in the State of Karnataka. They also undertake authentication/attestation of original documents, certificates for visa purpose as per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India in their letter No.18-4/2004-NS-2, dated 14/09/2005.


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